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Believe and you will find your way...
Mornie alantie...

- Enya
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scattered memories
Friday, May 17, 2013

Yesterday would have been my Father's 68th birthday. It is still such a loneliness without him here. In speaking with one of my sisters last weekend, I was told that different items from my Dad's home, that have been in his possession for years, are being sold over the internet or at pawn shops to the highest bidder. These are items that were given away in good faith. My Father did not have much of anything to his name, so the few things he had meant a lot to him. I cannot express how utterly saddened this makes me and to keep from completely losing it, I have to continually remind myself that there is absolutely no way I can protect everything he had. For myself, I kept a few mementos that I know meant a lot to him and I will always cherish them. It's just incomprehensible how people can be so disrespectful and heartless.

June 10, 2013   07:08 PM PDT
I feel your pain.
I cherish the one thing that I was given of my Nan's. An old jewelry box. It's nothing flash, but every time I open it, it reminds me of her. The sound, the smell.

I was promised her jewelry, too. But my parents in their wisdom thought it was, "too old for a girl your age". They didn't think that it meant more to me than looks.
They sold it and with the money, bought me roller skates.

At least what you do have... the memories, they can't be taken away.
June 10, 2013   07:41 PM PDT
*hugs* <3 Sweet, Ute.


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