Mornie utulie...
Believe and you will find your way...
Mornie alantie...

- Enya
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trying to leave it all in last year
Monday, January 01, 2007

There I was, in a moment I'd convinced myself I was doomed to forever be.
Hung up. Holding on. Bewildered.  A place where I felt so alone, so discounted.
Each day growing more attached to my memories, to words, expressions, thoughts.
Holding on because I was too scared to let go; terrified for what that could mean.
It was in the moment that I stepped outside of myself without consciously knowing it, where I found that letting go wasn't a betrayal after all.  Looking back on past hours spent, realizing for once, I let myself go. I let you go.  And all the while, the world didn't stop spinning.
Ps. Thank you.



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