Mornie utulie...
Believe and you will find your way...
Mornie alantie...

- Enya


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trying to leave it all in last year
Monday, January 01, 2007

There I was, in a moment I'd convinced myself I was doomed to forever be.
Hung up. Holding on. Bewildered.  A place where I felt so alone, so discounted.
Each day growing more attached to my memories, to words, expressions, thoughts.
Holding on because I was too scared to let go; terrified for what that could mean.
It was in the moment that I stepped outside of myself without consciously knowing it, where I found that letting go wasn't a betrayal after all.  Looking back on past hours spent, realizing for once, I let myself go. I let you go.  And all the while, the world didn't stop spinning.
Ps. Thank you.



about me

My name is Deirdre. I've been happily married since September 11, 1999 to the most adorable man I've ever met. We are not considered "parents" by typical standards because we have no children but we consider our dogs, Shea & Penny to be our babies.  Shea is a Jack Russell Terrier and was born December 13, 1997.  Penny is a Doberman Pinscher, born June 11, 2010. They are both completely adorable and I love them dearly.

I enjoy many aspects of art.  Painting, Theatrical Arts, Photography, and Music, just to name a few.

I am a firm believer in being as fit as I can possibly be.  I do a variety of activities, such as running on my treadmill, working out with my Jillian Michaels DVD's and utilize the tools provided by Spark People.Com for other workout routines.

There's a toss up between what my personality is like. Some say that I'm outgoing and friendly. Others have said that I come off as quiet and shy.  I suppose I'm a little bit of each.  I enjoy making people laugh and think I'm a pretty good listener.  I've been told on more than a few occasions that I'm "weird" or "quirky" and that's completely fine with me.  I don't mind being different.

I love nature and animals.  I support the HSUS and the ASPCA. I do not attend any events that use animals for entertainment and I try to discourage others from doing so as well.  I recycle and have recently been looking into getting my composting bin going and starting up a vegetable garden.  I hope to become more active with that soon.

I like to read magazines.  Mostly my interests revolve around fitness and health.

I come from a family of five girls.  I love my sisters dearly.  They all have children who I try to spend time with when the opportunity arises.

I hold a full time job as a secretary and accounting manager.  I've been employed with my current company since February 2002.  I *heart* my job.

I've been blogging since early 2002 as a way to chronicle everyday happenings going on in my life.  I have been through a few different blog sites for a few different reasons and have now landed here.  My need for blogging has changed as I've grown. I now use it as a tool to express myself while connecting with others.  I love the objective feedback from those who feel inclined to offer. Often times, it helps shed light on the subject from a different view.  My site typically carries a G rating just because it's my personal preference.

I tend to use some of my favorite song lyrics as titles to my blog posts.

I appreciate you visiting.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.