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Friday, May 09, 2014

Ressurection. Revolution. Drop Dead Diva. The Office. Coach. Once Upon a Time. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

These are my shows. Thank you, Netflix!


May 13, 2014   08:56 PM PDT
I love Ressurection. Hope it comes back for another season. Hope you are doing good.
May 14, 2014   08:42 AM PDT
Me too!

Thank you. I'm doing pretty well. :) I hope the same for you!!
May 18, 2014   10:18 PM PDT
We also love Ressurection. Seems that the 1st season didn't last very long. And I too hope we get the next season if they decide to make another one. Always iffy here in Oz whether our stations will buy another season or not.

I used to love Drop Dead Diva. But they stopped airing it here. So I don't know what season they're up to now.

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