Entry: onto the mend
Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tis so nice out. Feels like beach weather! September can't come soon enough. Hurry hurry!  Penny has been ill. Researched home remedies because I have grown terribly disgusted with the drug industry. [the devil]  Noticing more than ever how there's a magical pill for all ails but natural cures are unheard of. Oh and the side effects...no thank you.  So, awhile after her first dose of [non-meds], she developed a burst of energy and extreme excitement. That side effect may have been a sweet intoxication of some sort. She was literally bouncing off the walls  couch. It was h i l a r i o u s. I think she must have felt better, which makes me glad. Her wellness determines my weekend plans. Come on Penny girl, you can do it!


May 18, 2014   10:24 PM PDT
Awww, get well soon, Penny!!

I agree with the whole drug industry thing is a crock... I've given up with the AD's that they keep on prescribing me. The side effects are worse than the actual depression.
May 19, 2014   12:29 PM PDT
Yeah. It's insanity.

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