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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I have so many projects that I'm eager to do. I've got my Fiddle Leaf Ficus that needs a little boost.  I've been researching if it's possible to cut back bamboo leaves on the lower stalks in order for there to just be leaves at the tops - like this.  I'm awaiting feedback from a supplier who's asking a supplier about Rubella Peperomias. (I think this is my Dad's plant I've been trying to find-- forever!) **THANKS UTE**  ...I've ordered my IKEA metal kart and it's on the way for the re-design of my succulent garden. (best idea ever! -- excited!!!) There are decisions to be made for the plants I want to add to the front of my house where I just transplanted some greenery and planted Foxglove... I'm so obsessed with plants. I find myself engulfed in reading about them online and getting ideas for making plants flourish. Oh, and I need to remember to check for 20-20-20 all purpose fertilizer when I get home for my Peace Lily's. I'm hoping to get them to flower soon.  There's also a new succulent I'm ordering that's called "Hobbit". Just the name is adorable, and then look at the plant. Aww! The one I really wanted is called "Gollum" but there's no stock on that. Oh man, I've got to make a list to keep up with all of this...


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