Entry: this little bluebird came looking for you
Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Dad gave me a small ceramic birdhouse years ago. It has hung under my carport for years without a single occupant.  This has always bummed me out as I love birds and the magnificent hard work they go through in building a nest. I have always loved finding nests around the house in random places but wanted a dedicated safe space to offer them.  After a couple of years, I gave up hope that we would get a visitor and so the house had just become another decoration outside.  This morning, on my way to my car, I startled a small yellow/grey bird who flew past me out into the open air. As I passed the birdhouse, I noticed it was swinging back and forth and thought it odd because it was a very still morning. Upon closer inspection, I find that my scattering little friend had actually been busy building a nest inside!  With exhilarating glee, I jumped in my car and became very still as to wait to see if she would come back. My patience paid off and my faith, once again, restored in the fact that I know my Dad is still with me. He's been on my mind a lot this week. Today is his burial and how awesome that with the help a tiny bird, he reminded me once again that he's still here.


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