Entry: one slip and down the hole we fall
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I still cry nearly every day for my Dad.  I used to think as time moved further from the date he died that I would begin to feel the pain a little less.  But it seems to be going the opposite way.  Each day is just another day that takes me further away from the last time I saw him. 


August 20, 2014   11:06 AM PDT
It does get better. The crying anyhow. My dad has been two years now. I still cry often, not daily anymore though. Still think about him and miss him everyday though. Can't tell you how many times I'll see something, be doing something , and want to tell him or show him and it hit me that he's not here anymore.
My dad liked to always try different jams/jellys or hot sauces. It was his "thing". Can't tell you how many times I have been at a store and started to buy something for him and then remember that he's not here physically anymore.

I wish I could tell you the sadness goes away. It doesn't. But in your own time you will come to be more at peace with that he's not hurting anymore. And trust me, he's there with you all the time. Do him proud, live a good life, and be his legacy. I pray often, and include my dad in those conversations just like he was there with me. May sound silly. However, I think it helps. And if you truly believe, then you will see him again. So instead of concentrating on the days that have passed since you have since him, pray and believe that you will see him again. Start counting those days.
August 20, 2014   11:37 AM PDT
Thank you, Pudge. You are very right. <3

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